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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hits Phenomena - Moonbow

The Hits Phenomena collection of multichrome glitter released a few months ago had a huge success in a lot of nail polish groups I'm part of. I wanted them because they have a similar look to the Ozotic Elytra range, don't you think so? The Ozotics are gorgeous, but I went for the cheaper option. Today, I'm wearing Moonbow, that shifts from yellow, green, blue, to purple. I layered two coats over 5Cinco Witch, a dark teal creme. All swatches are without top coat.

Artificial light

The base is Witch by 5Cinco, another Brazilian brand that was unknown to me until now. It is a very dark teal, beautiful.

Natural light

Unfortunately I don't have any Elytra to compare to this one, but since it (the Ozotic Elytra collection, among others) will be discontinued, Hits Phenomena, will be your best option if you are craving some multichrome glitter.
Have a great Sunday!


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