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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ASBMF #13: The Paper Gal

Hello again !
Newspaper nails have been in my to-do list for ever but I thought it would be difficult in practice. Actually, it's super easy and so fun! I wanted a grey base but didn't have one, so I decided to franken one by mixing Wet N Wild white and black polishes. Here is Retro Pop, at two coats and without top coat.

Natural light

For the actual "newspaper" look, I cut nail size pieces of newspaper and dipped it in 70% rubbing alcohol, then pressed it on each nail for 10 seconds (make sure that your base is dry). There are tons of tutorials online to achieve this look, so please feel free to browse around and see what works best for you :) The following pictures are with top coat.

Natural light

Artificial light

I'm so sad because the April Showers Brings May Flowers comes to its end, there is only one more theme after this one :( If you know of any challenge (fun, short, and without pressure), let me know as I will be interested to join in :) Have a great week and before you leave, please take a look at other "newspaper gals". Thanks for reading!


  1. You could always do the summer challenge and just pick and choose what works for you. There is some cool things on the challenge list. This came out awesome. You can really read the print. Backwards of course. :)

  2. j'aime beaucoup ce style!! il faudra que j'essaie une fois :D

    1. c'est ma premiere fois aussi! super facile et c'est fun!

  3. Wow this turned out really well!! Looks great!

  4. the colour is very pretty! and the nailart, again, well done! will follow!

  5. Wow, your first time and it turned out this well!? Jealous!


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