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Friday, May 25, 2012

K's Special Fridays #11 - Moon Dust pigments

Hello lovelies!
I have another cool pigment collection from TKB Trading that is so great for frankening multichromes! The Moon Dust collection is comprised of five color shifting pigments. It is also made with smaller particle sizes than the Star Bites that I reviewed last week, so it has a smoother finish. I mixed half Wet N Wild Clear + Luster base + 4 straw scoops of each pigment to create those beautiful top coats. All swatches show two coats of each polish layered over Wet N Wild Black, without top coat. The following color shifting descriptions were taken from TKB's website. Let's see!

Aisha Gold shifts from gold, to green to blue. It is very gorgeous, but the blue shift is not pronounced.

Indu Rose shifts from indigo to purple to red. I love the coppery tones in this one. One of my fav!

Crescent Crimson shifts from red to orange to yellow. Hum... what about the purple?

Luna Blue shifts from cyan to blue to red. Another hit! I guess they mean violet/purple instead of red, because I don't see any red in here.

Lavender Luz shifts from blue to purple to orange. Okay so they got a little bit mixed up in their descriptions, but I don't care because those pigments are so versatile and beautiful!

So guess what ? Since I had a lot of pigment left, I mixed some with spectraflair and a couple of drops of black polish and POW! Multichromes/Holos or should I call them mish mash lol :) To be continued next week.
Have a great day!


  1. I want a multichrome holo! Send one my way Karine ;)

    Just kidding, these are gorgeous! Luna Blue is my favorite of this bunch.

    1. hehe thanks girl! im sure you can franken Luna Blue its so easy!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love them!! I ordered them a while ago but haven't had a chance to try. You make it look so easy!! I can't wait to see the Mish Mash ones!!

  3. OMG, i can't decide wich one i love best!! Did you try them over other colors than black? Do they look this stunning?! Kisses!***

    1. They look amazing over dark blues, purples, and green! I did layer them over this kind of colors and it's still pretty and multichrome !

    2. Awesome *.* I went looking for them just to know the details and couldn't find them. Well, i will waitt to see your Mish mash :)***

    3. just click on the links i provided in the post ;)


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