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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ozotic Holographic Party!

Good morning!
Starting the day with an Ozotic party. It's all about thinking a step further and this brand is another example an innovative brand. I don't own a lot of Ozotic holos but I appreciate the ones I have for their uniqueness. All swatches are three coats without top coat. On to the pics!

Ozotic 531 is from the mish mash collection, which is comprised of multichrome holos. So this beauty shifts from copper green to purple tones, but also has a strong holo finish. It's no news that Ozotic polishes are sheer, and 531 is no exception. You could layer it over black for a dramatic color shift but I like it by itself. Definitely my fav

Ozotic 532, which shifts from green, blue, to purple shades is also a mish mash. 

Ozotic 516 is a nude pink linear holo. I got this from a blog sale and it's the old round bottle. I noticed the formula was thicker and more holo with 516.

Ozotic 513 is a purple. I got it recently and contrary to 516, the formula was runny and you can see it's not as holo as the others. :( kind of disappointed 

Ozotic 509 is a silver holo that can be used as a top coat too

Ozotic 623 is black scattered holo, just looks like a black galaxy

My mani of the day is Ozotic 623 stamped with China Glaze Passion and Born Pretty Store plate m59

Thanks for reading!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! true that the scattered holo particles makes it stand out from the rest

  2. You always do such a great job capturing it on camera.

  3. A-MAZ-ing!! I'd love to just, like, stand in the sun and look at holo nails all day long. lol. The first and the last polishes are my favorites.

  4. I'm the same lol my neighbors will start to think I'm psycho lol

  5. I think these first two gorgeous ozotics

    1. yes the multichrome part makes them even more gorgeous

  6. Pretty are lucky to have all these Ozotics. I don't have even 1 of this brand.


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