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Friday, August 30, 2013

Guest Post by Colores de Carol

Morning dears! Carolina, who runs the blog Colores de Carol has kindly accepted to guest post for me! Carolina and I go back from way before I started blogging. She was in my birthday group, and when I decided to go the indie route, I created a polish inspired by her :) Her nail art skills are the top of the game, and she is one of my favorite bloggers to follow. Enjoy what she prepared for you! 

Hello Lovely Ladies, I'm Carolina and I run a nail art blog called Colores de Carol
I am so thrilled to be here on Karine's blog today! 
I hope you all enjoy the nail art I've prepared for you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The NCC Challenge, Around The World Week 4 - Asia

Today's nail art is Asian themed because I have always been intrigued by their cultural heritage. I have travelled on all continents except Oceania and Asia, and one day, I dream to visit China and Japan. Asian art, music, cuisine, religion, architecture, and fashion are so different from what I'm used to see that I will be delighted to discover it. I wanted to do a cute Kawaii nail art but didn't have the tools to do it, so I came up with this 3D nail art. I hope you like it!   

Le nail art d'aujourd'hui est d'inspiration asiatique parce que j'ai toujours été intriguée par leur patrimoine culturel. J'ai voyagé à travers tous les continents sauf l'Océanie et l'Asie, et un jour, je rêve de visiter la Chine et le Japon. L'art asiatique, la musique, cuisine, religion, l'architecture et la mode sont tellement différents de ce que je suis habituée à voir que je serai ravie de les découvrir. Je voulais faire un joli nail art Kawaii mais je n'avais pas tous les outils, donc j'ai improvisé ce nail art 3D. J'espère que vous aimez!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guest Post by A Girl and Her Polish

Hello ladies! The talented Katee, who owns the blog A Girl And Her Polish is taking over today! If you don't know Katee, she is THE stamping master!!! She always has amazing nail art combinations, and really takes stamping to another level. Being members of the Nail Challenge Collaborative got us to bond and I am so pleased with what she prepared for you. Enjoy!
I am so excited to be guesting for Karine today! She is such an awesome lady and nail blogger! We have gotten close through our nail challenge group and I am always amazed with the designs she comes up with! You ROCK lady!!

For my guest post I decided to share a very easy nail art technique.  If you happen to follow me you probably know that stamping is the technique that I use a lot but I am not sharing that today. I have done a couple how-to stamping posts and I wanted to do something that is not that difficult.  Granted stamping isn't that difficult but it can take awhile to get good at it.

Another technique that I love, and is easy to do, is the Saran Wrap technique.  If you haven't done this yet I highly recommend it!  For today's how-to I used Karine's favorite colors, blue and purple!

I started with three coats of Essie To Buy or Not To Buy.  This is a thinner Essie that can be a little streaky but it is a gorgeous purple with a subtle blue shimmer.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guest Post by Liesl Loves Pretty Things

*press sample

How are you doing ladies? Please meet Liesl, the talented writer at Liesl Loves Pretty Things. We started our blogs around the same time and developed a camaraderie as we followed each other's blog grow. I am always captivated by Liels' dexterity with words. Truth is her posts are the only ones I read entirely, usually I just scroll directly to the pics :p I hope you enjoy what she has prepared for you!

Hi, everyone!  I'm Liesl and I run the blog  Liesl Loves Pretty Things.  Karine's been a blogging buddy since I was a baby blogger and my photos and nails looked a tad different and I didn't think I'd *ever* reach Karine-like quality.  The fact that she's asked me to guest post for her is a REALLY BIG DEAL to me and to say that I'm flattered would be an understatement of epic proportions.  
So here's the thing-- I swatch.  And make half cracked attempts at beauty blogging.  And post way too many pictures of my cats.  That is my blog.  A highly talented artist like Karine asking for nail art from moi is a leeeetle bit scary but I accepted the challenge and hoped I wouldn't find any new and innovative ways to botch the simplest of techniques.  It is with that statement that I proudly present to you my first ever saran wrap mani, featuring Butter London Poole (blue) and Sunbaker (burnt orange).

butter london poole and sunbaker saran wrap mani and tutorial

Friday, August 23, 2013

Guest Post by Nails for the Sake of Sanity

Hello my dears! Today, my guest is Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity that I met last year in the Nail Challenge Collaborative. I have to confess that the originality of her blog's name got my attention and got me curious. She has very creative nail art ideas as you will see below. Thank you Kelly!

Hello everyone!! I'm Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity. I have to say, I was super excited when Karine asked me to contribute a guest post to her blog while she's traveling - not only because I love her blog, but also because this is my first guest post EVER! :)

Karine asked us to think of what our favorite kind of nail art is, which is really hard for me because I love it all!! What I ended up realizing is that my favorite kind of nail art is actually freehand interpretations of real life things. Whether it be animals, other things in nature like trees, flowers, geometic patterns, etc. I just really like freehanding things that you might also find in real life. :) 

SO! Which brings me to my post. I have been meaning to try this design for a while, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity. Today, I have created for you - a Koi Fish nail design! Check it out :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The NCC Challenge, Around The World Week 3 - America

Hello ladies!
We are going to America for the 3rd installment of this month's NCC Challenge. My manicure was inspired by the iconic I love NY and represents all the good things that happened to me during this period of my life. I spent 4 years in the US doing my master and working. Well I even found love and started my blogging adventure there :) Sweet memories...   

Bonjour les filles!
On se rend en Amérique pour la 3e manche du NCC Challenge de ce moisMa manucure est inspirée de l'emblématique I love NY et représente toutes les bonnes choses qui me sont arrivées au cours de cette période de ma vie. J'ai vécu 4 ans aux Etats Unis, à faire mon master et travailler. Eh bien, j'y ai même trouvé l'amour et j'ai commencé mon aventure de blogueuse là bàs :) Doux souvenirs ...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post by A Little Polish

Hey lovelies! It's time for Stephanie from A Little Polish to take over my blog. We met over a year ago in the Nail Challenge Collaborative, where we got to bond over each other nail art. I love what she prepared for you ladies and will definitely give it a try. Thank you Steph!

Hello Loves! This is Stephanie over from A Little Polish. I was really honored when Karine asked me to do a guest post for her while she is travelling; her nails always look awesome, she is super created and we have become nail friends for a while now through our participation in the Nail Challenge Collaborative.

Karine asked me to share with you my favorite type of nail art so I knew exactly what I wanted to do. If you read my blog you know it as a striped gradient, but I have also heard people describe it as tie die/drip mani.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guest Post by I Feel Polished

Hey lovelies! This is the 1st installment of guest bloggers on Karine's Vernis Club. I have a handful of friends who will share their favorite nail art technique with you. Let me introduce you to the adorable Heather from I Feel Polished  who kindly accepted to do another guest post for me :) I loved the sugar spun nails she shared with you more than a year ago, so of course I thought of her to keep you ladies in awe while I'm away. For the newbies, Heather and I met in the Florida Polish Society group and I became a fan of her blog where she shares simple, yet amazing nail art techniques. Thank you Heather!


Hello again, everyone! It's Heather from I Feel Polished! When Karine asked me to write a guest post for her again, I was honored! I had a blast last year with my sugar spun nails

Since I do mostly nail art on my blog, Karine wanted me to do some nail art for all of you using my favorite technique! Therefore, I have a fun striping tape mani today! I absolutely love striping tape! It's my go-to nail art method because it's easy to use and you can finish with some really amazing looking designs created with just a small roll of tape! I buy my striping tape on Amazon and it's super cheap for a ton of tape!

For these nails, I began with a base of two coats of ellagee's Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel, a soft pinkish lilac with a really fine holographic shimmer. 

ellagee Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Going On Vacation!

Hello lovelies
I'm going on a 2 weeks vacation trip and I will probably be in the plane when this post is published. Don't fear lack on content on the blog, I invited a plethora of amazing bloggers to keep you entertained while I'm away. I will have a series of guests posts starting tomorrow and the topic I chose is "your favorite nail art technique". I already seen what a few bloggers came up with and I know you will love it! Talking about favorite nail art technique, mine is stamping. It's so easy and the diversity of plates makes it so much fun than freehand nail art (which I suck at). I hope you enjoy the guest posts series and see you soon!

Salut mes beautés
Je vais en vacances pour 2 semaines et je serai probablement dans l'avion lorsque cet article sera publié. Ne craignez pas le manque de contenu sur le blog, j'ai invité une pléthore de blogueuses époustouflantes pour vous divertir pendant mon absence. Je vais avoir une série d'invitées messages à partir de demain et le thème que j'ai choisi est "votre technique préférée de nail art". J'ai déjà vu ce que quelques blogueuses ont fait et je sais que vous allez adorer! Parlant de la technique préférée de nail art , la mienne est le stamping. C'est si facile et la diversité des plaques, rend le tout plus amusant que le nail art à main levée (que je maîtrise moins). J'espère que vous apprécierez la série d' invitées et à bientôt!  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The NCC Challenge, Around The World Week 2 - Europe

Today we travel all the way to France. My nail art is inspired by the history of half moon manicures, which debuted in the 30's retro era and were a sign of elegancy for women. 70 years later, this trend is back again and going strong on many nailistas' fingers. From the vintage red, this style has evolved and you can now see all kind of color combinations. I decided to go with something clean and elegant, with a touch of glitter. On to the pics!

Aujourd'hui, nous voyageons jusqu'en France. Mon nail art est inspiré de l'histoire de la manucure demi-lune, qui a fait ses débuts dans l'ère rétro des années 30  et qui était signe d'élégance pour les femmes. 70 ans plus tard, cette tendance est de retour et en pleine force sur ​​les doigts de nombreuses nailistas. Du rouge vintage, ce style a évolué et vous pouvez maintenant voir toutes sortes de combinaisons de couleurs. J'ai choisi quelque chose de propre et d'élégant, avec une touche de paillettes. Place aux photos!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ikat Nails

Wassup girls?
I'm finally crossing this off my to do list! Ikat nails has been a mystery to me, mostly because I was scared to mess it and it looked difficult to achieve. I'm still kind of skeptical of my own version... maybe it will grow on me but for now I don't like it. I hope my 2nd try will be better. 

Quoi de neuf les filles?
J'ai enfin rayé ce nail art de ma liste! Le nail art Ikat était un mystère pour moi, surtout parce que j'avais peur de le gâcher et il semblait difficile à réaliser. Je suis encore un peu sceptique quant à ma propre version ... peut être que ça va me plaire après, mais pour l'instant je n'aime pas. J'espère que mon 2ème essai sera meilleur.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Burberry Nails

Since I started with the luxury brands inspired series of nail art, I had wanted to do a Burberry nail art. The iconic pattern specific to Burberry exults class and chic, I love it! I apologize in advance for my dark pictures. I could only capture the contrast between the tan base and white stripes by turning the flash off. What do you think of it?
Thanks for reading!

Depuis que j'ai commencé ma série de nail art inspirée des marques de luxe, je voulais faire un nail art Burberry. Le motif propre à Burberry exulte classe  et chic, j'adore! Je m'excuse à l'avance de mes photos sombres. Je ne pouvais capturer le contraste entre la base claire et les bandes blanches qu'en éteignant le flash. Qu'en pensez-vous?
Merci de me lire!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The NCC Challenge, Around The World Week 1 - Africa

This month's NCC Challenge theme is "Around The World" and I have been waiting for it since day 1. Today's nail art was inspired by the continent where I was born and grew up, Africa. I choose to design colorful prints that we dress with. Depending of the countries, some call it ankara, maxi, wax hollandais etc... so many names to designate this type of fabric typical to the African culture and which spread out as a mainstream fashion trend a few years ago. I hope you like it!
Thanks for reading and have a good day.
Le theme du NCC Challenge de ce mois est "Autour du monde" et je l'attendais depuis le 1er jour. Le nail art d'aujourd'hui est inspiré du continent où je suis née et j'ai grandi, l'Afrique. J'ai choisi de dessiner les imprimés colorés que nous utilisons pour nous habiller. Dépendamment des pays, certains l'appellent ankara, maxi, wax hollandais etc... autant de noms pour désigner ce type de tissu typique à la culture africaine et qui s'est répandu comme une tendance de la mode grand public il ya quelques années. J'espère que vous aimez!
Merci de me lire et bonne journée.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

KKCenterHK Sponsored Giveaway - Win $40 worth of gifts

Hello lovelies!
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Bonjour mes beautés!
Je suis de retour avec une surprise :) Je suis contente de vous faire annoncer que j'organise une tombola parrainée par KKCenterHK pour vous célébrer, mes chères lectrices! La gagnante aura la possibilité de choisir des cadeaux d'une valeur de 40$ sur le site de KKCenterHK. Il est temps de profiter et s'amuser :) Bonne chance!
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Nails

Wassup girls?
We are finally in August! The beautiful weather just inspired this super bright nail art. This is also my 1st time trying the fishtail braid technique. I will be on vacation mid August and I'm planning to travel out of my country, I'm already in the mood to have fun. Let's have a look at these summery nails. What are your plans for summer?
Quoi de neuf les filles?
On est enfin en Août! Le beau temps a inspiré ce nail art aux couleurs vives. C'est aussi la 1ère fois que j'essaie la technique "fishtail braid". Je serai en vacances mi-Août et je prévois de voyager hors de mon pays, je suis déjà d'humeur à m'éclater. Jetons un coup d'œil à ces ongles estivaux. Quels sont vos plans pour l'été?

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