My lovely readers/ Mes superbes lectrices

The Birthday Club Collection

I want to say thank you to all those wonderful bloggers who accepted to review my creation, The Birthday Club Collection and use their pictures! 

* Perle Bleue
Image property of Glam Polish
"it would also be a great polish for layering over a darker color"
Full review here

* Verte de Rage
Image property of Glam Polish
"it is so pretty the glitter really sparkles!"
Full review here

* Mine d'Or
Image property of Nails and Noms
"I really like the versatility of Mine d’Or!"
Full review here

* Pinot Noir
Image property of Nailderella
it's really unique with its glitters and flakes! "
Full review here

* Jardin Enchanté
Image property of Nailderella
" A perfect polish for spring! "
Full review here
* Romancà Paris
Image property of Nails Beautiqued
"I was so surprised the first coat was opaque and the glitter/flakies evened out nicely." 
Full review here

* Naïade
Image property of Sassy Nails
"I really love the lightness of the base color, so easy to wear on its own" 
Full review here

* Ooh La la!! 
Image property of The TraceFace Philes
"This polish definitely lives up to it's name, it is sooooo beautiful!"
Full review here

* Oui, Je le veux!

 Image property of Munchy's Nails
"This is such a beautiful polish!"
Full review here

* Noir Désir

Image property of The TraceFace Philes
"black jelly with lots of opalescent flakies and glitter. It is super gorgeous!"
Full review here

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