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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hits - Fox Trot

Good afternoon lovelies!
I'm back again with another layering manicure. I received a huge swap package from my Brazilian friend Claudia, so look for more pretties to swatch! Hits Fox Trot is a purple base with multicolored flakies. It's been on my wish list for 3 months, and I'm not disappointed! You get a full flakie coverage in one coat and it looks different depending if you are indoors or under the sun. Most online swatches show Fox Trot by itself, but the bottle is so small (6 ml) that I prefer to layer it. I used one coat of Fox Trot over two coats of Ana Hickman Techno (purple base with tiny pink and purple glitter), topped with Seche vite. As with most purples, I had a hard time to capture the true color. Hope you like it!

Sun light

 Natural light

 Artificial light

The base is Techno by Ana Hickman.

 Artificial light

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