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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magnetics comparison

Hey everyone :)
Another comparison post, this time I wanted to try the magnetic polishes that I have. I bought a lot of them a long time ago and wore them separately. It's just practical for me to have them all under one post for future reference lol (truth is I was lazy to swatch them by themselves). The directions are often the same with magnetic polishes: apply one coat and let it dry, then apply a second coat and immediately place the magnet near the wet polish without touching it. I followed the same directions for every nail and held the magnet for 10 seconds. All swatches are without top coat.

Artificial light

From left to right: Nails Inc Whitehall, Claire's Magnetix in Gold, Layla Magneffect No 13

 From left to right: Claire's Magnetix in Pink, Layla Magneffect 02 Changing Lilac, Nails Inc Houses of Parliament

 From left to right: Layla Magneffect 07, Nails Inc Trafalgar Square, China Glaze You Move Me

It's great that Nails Inc and Claire's have a separated magnet from the bottle cap, but the fact that Layla has the magnet on the bottle cap did not make my application difficult either. However if you do not want to mess up your design or are a beginner, the cap holder designed to be placed near you cuticles will ease the process for you. Layla Magneffect is the only one with a sheer base, the others are opaque in one coat. Nails Inc and Layla have the best and most pigmented formulas. Each magnet worked perfectly. I love the Claire's one because it reveals a beautiful gold shimmer and the China Glaze for its variety of magnets designs. I did not really like the formula of China Glaze, which I found sheer and runny. 
What do you think of it? 
Thanks for reading!


  1. The pinks and purples are SO pretty. They look great on you, I wished I liked magnetics on me....

    1. thank you! I like them too but I prefer to have them as a base for a nail art than wear them by themslves


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