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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finaflor Disfarce VS Impala Sex Appeal

Good afternoon!
I received both of these polishes from a swap with the lovely Claudia. I had seen online swatches while looking for duochromes and they looked so different in the pictures that I decided to have both. Fina Flor Disfarce is a pink to orange duochrome, so is Impala Sex Appeal. I layered three coats of each without top coat. I think they are dupes of each other. They have the same color shift. The only difference in my opinion and that is only visible to my eye is that Sex Appeal has finer particles, thus a softer finish. I wore Disfarce on my pinkie and middle finger, and Sex Appeal on my ring and index fingers. All swatches are without top coat

Artificial light

I with try both over black and compare them in a blog post later. Now that I'm thinking about it, they are pretty similar to Glitter Gal Furnace Glow (pic below)


  1. I told you that the two were equal lol. But they are beautiful, I think maybe with black they look different. It was beautiful on your nails :)

    1. Rsrs I should have listened to you, but they are different over black fins flor goes purple :)


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