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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Golden Rose Holographic Party

This is the last holo party (for now, until I receive my Ellen Gold holo) and I have for you the most affordable ones in my stash. Golden Rose is the brand behind those polishes called "Paris Holographic". They all have a scattered holographic finish, some being stronger than others. They have a very weak holo effect but I don't mind, I like discreet ones so I can wear them to work. The Paris Holographics retail for $3.49 on the website with free shipping over 20$. I had no complaint on the formula or application and I love the bottles which are shaped like the Eiffel Tower. On to the pics!
All swatches are two coats of each polish without top coat.

101 is a beige/tan holo

102 is a sheer silver holo

103 is a nude pink holo

104 is a gold holo

107 is a copper holo

108 is a burgundy holo

109 is a lilac holo

112 is a soft lavender, pretty similar to 109, but it has the strongest holo finish of all of them

My mani today is 112 stamped with Kleancolor Metallic Pink and BM301


Artificial light

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  1. love them!! Also got two of Golden Rose, but the bottle is diffrent!

    1. yes they have another holographic collection in the small round bottles I'm going to need to check them too lol :)

  2. I have a few of these golden rose... though they are a shy holo, they are so pretty! It's a shame they're being discontinued :| Kisses!

  3. Oh no! Too bad I'm going to cherish mine :)


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