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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let's go Miami Heat!

Hello again!
Today is game day! I live in Miami so I totally had to represent my team in Game 5 (and I hope the last game) of the 2012 NBA Finals. The Miami Heat will be going against the Oklahoma City Thunders and we are leading the series 3-1. Today will be crazy in the city and I'll be out to experience it. So yeah this nail art is my way of supporting my team. Let's go Heat! I'm glad of the result, not too bad for something I free handed.

Natural light

Thanks for reading! I'm off to hopefully enjoy a long week end :)


  1. They won! Woohoo! I love this manicure! Very nice!

  2. Love the look! Congrats to your team. I was hoping it would go to 7 games so the season would last a little longer, lol, but I'm happy for LeBron. I hope this shuts some haters up.

  3. Haha yeah the haters will def shut up for a while! Thanks!


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