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Monday, June 4, 2012

Ludurana - Esplendido

Morning lovelies!
I'm almost done wearing all those polishes I received from Brazil. This is actually the last holographic of my Ludurana collection. It is silver, it has scattered holo particles and it smells good! I loved the application and the drying time, but was kind of disappointed because I expected it to be more holo. What is cool with Esplendido is that you can also use it as a top coat!. There is no sun today, so I took all my pics with flash. I went with three thin coats and added a coat of Seche vite.


I used my stamper again with Kleancolor Metallic Purple and BM 203. Please mind the blurry design ;) I didn't wait long enough before applying my top coat.


Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks amazing! I love that you can use this as a top coat!

    1. Yes it's sheer enough and the formula is not as thick as Hefesto so it gives a less silvery effect when applied over a color


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