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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ludurana - Maravilhosa

Good morning!
This is the last of my collection of Ludurana holos, I couldn't find it anywhere and didn't want to pay full price for it (it is 8ml) so I waited and waited and waited until one day it went on sale on Llarowe. I'm glad that I was patient enough because it's beyond beautiful! It's pink, holo, and sparkles likes crazy. As usual, I went with three coats of Maravilhosa with top coat. On to the pics!

Sun light

A little nail art to spice this mani. I stamped with Sally Hansen Color Quick pen in Fuchsia Chrome and BM 213. I love the pumps designs, maybe I should have gone with a darker color.

Sun light


Thanks for reading!


  1. Really pretty. The stamping looks like it is floating on top of the holo in the pics. I didn't even know Llarowe had sales. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Yes she does! Every Thursday the items in the sale category change

  3. Gorgeous! Love the stamping too! OMG my wishlist has almost doubled because of your swatches :/

    1. Lmao mines too! That what is great itch having people from all over the world blogging :)

  4. Tasty holo as usual. ;) I LOVE the pumps stamp, and all the pink! So fun and girlie. I like that you used a more subtle color for the stamping, too.


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