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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top Beauty - Dia e Noite

I have a special polish to show you today. Well it's new to me. I received this Photochromic polish, meaning that it changes color depending if you are exposing them under the sun or not. It's from the brand Top Beauty and wear wells its name Dia e Noite (Day and Night). It shows white at night and under the shade and changes to a light sky blue shade under sun lights. Nail art does not affect the base, you can add glitter, holo top coat, stamp over it, sponge etc... I was eager to see how Dia e Noite will play so I went with three coats and I stamped with BM 222, Sally Hansen Insta Dry Lightening and Brisk Blue. On to the pics!

Artificial light - Taken at night

Sun light

The color change is slightly visible on the pictures, but you can really see it in real.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very cool nail polish. Love the stamping :)

  2. Do you see, they really change color in the sun :) I'm glad you like!

  3. Very pretty! The stamping looks great!

  4. Nice! The only brand I'd heard of doing colour change before this was Del Sol, and if you want a more dramatic change check those out!


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