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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jade Holographic Party!

Let's continue the holo week party with Jade. I finally received the rest of the polishes from Brazil yesterday and that complete my collection. The Jade holos come in an 8ml bottle and are super pigmented. The colors are so vibrant and sparkly, I love them. Nice coverage and fast drying time, I have no complaints on this collection, it's a success! All swatches are two coats without top coat.

Seducao Rosa is bubblegum pink linear holo.

Delirio Rosa is a Barbie rose linear holo. This shade is unique I have never seen it anywhere else before.

Deja Vu is a fuchsia linear holo

Vermelho Surreal is a red holo, looks like my nails are on fire

Fascinio Violeta is a purple with blue tones holo, another beautiful shade

Hypnose is a royal blue linear holo

Energy, aaah teal! another unique shade, love this one!

Psicodelica is a silver holo, it can be used as a top coat too

Magia Negra is a deep black linear holo

Mystic Gold is just amazing! burnt gold holo, my pics don't do it justice

My mani of the day is a studs French with Cora Holographic Aricia and Jade Mystic Gold as a base. I got the square studs from Born Pretty Store, it's so edgy I love the result!

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  1. Alright Karine, the queen of holo swatches, what is your favorite holo of all time?

  2. What about favorite brand?

    1. I would have said ludurana holos before knowing about the jade but I love jade some colors I have never seen before

  3. Wow, these are all so stunning!!! Gorgeous! :)

  4. Gorgeous holos! Love the mani!

  5. Oh you got to take all jades. That's great. They are beautiful uh?!

  6. I've purchased five of the Jade Holo's from Llarowe and they take my breath away. Women stop me and ask were I got my amazing nail polish and I'm happy to tell them about Llarowe. I want to mention that my bottle of "Energy" is thicker than my other four. I had so much difficulty applying it that I finally added two drops of polish thinner to it. I hope I didn't ruin it, I haven't used it since I added the drops so I don't know how it was affected. Holographic polishes seem to be a bit "touchier" than other polishes, they have a bit more drag and take a bit more care to get a smooth, even coat. But these Jades are definitely my GO-TO polishes right now, I absolutely love them!

    1. You are such an enabler! if I didnt have them already I would have want them asap
      they are really unique formula wise compared to my other holos

  7. Love this post Karine! These are super beautiful on you. Love Braziallian polishes and Jade. Can't wait to get the rest of mine!

  8. they are all so pretty!! I especially love Delirio Rosa!!


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