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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OPI Designer Series & co Party! (pics heavy)

Good morning!
Ok sit and relax, get some munchies and sodas before scrolling down! These are my treasures. For real I have a lot of holos but it's sentimental between me and my OPI Designer Series. It took me 7 months (since Dec 2011) of dusty hunting, stalking blog sales, ebay auctions, MUA swap list, and having good nail polish friends to complete my collection. I cherish it because I had to sweat to get it, we all know they are very hard to find. It's not the complete collection, my holo franken top coat has nothing to envy to Standing Room Silver Only, so yeah I only hunted the ones I like. I love the formula, one of the best and the application went perfect in two coats. All swatches are without top coat. On to the pics!

Blue Moon Lagoon, a light blue holo, is the little outsider. It's not from the Designer Series but from the It's Summer For Shore  collection.

DS 002 Exclusive is a beautiful magenta linear holo, so gorgeous!

DS 003 Original, a striking purple holo

DS 004 Couture, a fiery coral holo

DS 005 Divine is a hot fuchsia holo

DS 007 Signature, a pink holo

DS 008 Chiffon, a soft pink holo

DS 009 Ruby, a pinkish red holo

DS 010 Sapphire, a pale blue holo. This one is pretty sheer after two coats

DS 011 Vintage, a peach holo

DS 012 Design, a light brown holo

DS 017 Amethyst, a soft lilac holo

DS 018 Glamour, a deep blue holo

DS 019 Passion, a warm pink holo

DS 020 Desire, a brown holo

DS 021 Diamond, a silvery lilac purple holo

I had do to a gradient with these lol I went with two coats of DS Original as a base and sponged with DS Exclusive and DS Glamour.

Thanks for reading!


  1. haute holo gradient! very jelly of all your holo opis! I have only managed to get the rather lame diamond! I do love how scattered holos shimmer/glow though!

    1. aww thank you! I'm sure with time and luck you will be able to complete your collection :) I love scattered holo for work, they are not as in your face as linear holos but they are still "crazy" compared to plain shades

  2. That gradient is amazing! I'm not really into holos, but the ones I like come from that collection.

    1. thank you! I know what you mean even tho I'm so into holos, the DS collection is unique

  3. Wish I could buy them somewhere, they are sooo pretty! Love what you did with the gradient, makes it even more special

  4. I agree with everybody, that gradient is magical!


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