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Sunday, June 24, 2012

China Glaze OMG Party!

Good morning!
It's time for my China Glaze holos to shine a little. I completed this collection by swapping with some lovelies ladies, and getting the jackpot in a nail salon. I like the OMGs because they dry so fast, there is no need of top coat. I also love the smooth linear holographic finish, which is similar to Nfu Oh, Make Up Store, and Gosh. The only downside is that they chip pretty fast.
All swatches are two coats of each polish without top coat.

OMG is a silver holo

FIY is a golden beige holo

TTYL is a coral holo

BFF is a dusty pink holo

TMI is a pink holo

QT is a fuchsia holo

LOL is a purple holo

IDK is a lavender holo

L8R G8R is a lime green holo

2NITE is a light blue holo

DV8, my favorite of the bunch is a teal holo

I have dreamt of a holo stripe manicure for a while and did it with DV8, L8R G8R, and 2NITE. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Omg maybe I can get my hands on these! *__*

  2. Love your holo stripe design! Looks fantastic!

  3. The OMG collection is so awesome *sigh* I have DV8 coming to me in the mail, I just have to wait a bit longer... Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

    1. You are welcome! You will love dv8

  4. love the design you made with these!!!

  5. Great photos of what I know are not easy to capture polishes. L8R G8R will forever be my fav in the OMG collection - OMG is a close second to that one. I just wish they wore better - mine chip badly really fast despite using Nfu Oh Aqua base.

  6. Thank you! L8r is pretty unique lol I have to find the right technique to maximize the wear


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