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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A England Party!

Morning lovelies!
Today's party is featuring A England, one of my favorite brand. I enjoyed reading the story behind each collection and the meaning of every polish. It is unique, fresh, and has that plus value that sometimes lacks in mainstream collections. The formula is easy to work with and is opaque in two coats for most of them, some are one coaters, which is cool because you can also stamp with them :) On to the pics!
*Some of the descriptions were taken from A England website

Tristam, part of The Mythicals collection and bought on Llarowe is a night blue sky with starlight glimmer and glow. This is two coats of Tristam without top coat. Look at that shiny finish!

Lady of The Lake, also a chef d'oeuvre of The Mythicals, is a dusky purple with rainbow glimmer and glow. I received it in a swap and couldn't be more happy. This is two coats of Lady of The Lake without top coat.

The following swatches are from The Legend collection that I pre-ordered months ago. Bridal veil is a mysterious black onyx scattered holographic. It was opaque in one coat with a glossy finish, so I didn't add top coat.

Ascalon is a steely grey scattered holographic. This is two coats without top coat.

Saint George is a beautiful teal with scattered holo particles. It has so much depth you will be surprised that it's also a one coater.

Dragon is a mossy green holo. Thanks for another beautiful green holo! It is also opaque in one coat.

Princess Tears is a lilac holo with grey and green flashes. Very delicate and feminine, totally my cup of tea :)

Princess Sabra is a golden olive holo. It is so sparkly!

I used all the polishes mentioned above for today's manicure, which was inspired by this Chalkboard Nails tutorial.

And this is how it looks like under natural light :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. All these polishes look gorgeous! Love the mani with all these polishes :)

  2. I am wearing dragon right now and wondering what to do with it!!! :D

    1. It is sooo pretty by itself! or you could do a V french mani

  3. These are stunning! I have been lemming The Legends collections since I saw my first swatches of them!

    1. yes they are! What I did was stalking A England, Ninja Polish, and Llarowe for sales lol :)

  4. gorgeous! I love the Legend collection and your ruffles are so cute!

  5. All these polishes are gorgeous!


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