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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer #1 - Beach Themed

Yes Summer is here! We had so much fun with the April Summer Brings May Flowers that most of us decided to do a summer challenge and all came up with theme ideas. It's my favorite season of the year so I'm glad to be part of this challenge. I like how generic the themes are so I can interpret it in my own ways and go at my own pace. Let's go!

My first memories of the beach were pictures of me as a toddler in a nautical stripes outfit. I wanted my mani to reflect this time. Hope you like it!

I used: Sally Hansen White On, Nails Inc Baker Street, and a red Kleancolor striping polish
Anchor stamped with BM08

Omg you have to take a minute and look at the amazing manicures of the ladies taking part in this challenge. I will update more of their pictures as they get completed. Love that ocean/sand harmony!


  1. absolutely adorable!

  2. Very cute :) I just checked my FB and realized I was added to be in this challenge... I gotta get going! I have ideas and hope to post something tomorrow.

  3. Welcome dear! Can't wait to see your manis!

  4. I love your thumbnail links to everybody's manicures!! Would I be able to use the coding on my blog, with your permission?

    1. Just kidding, it's inlinkz, but a great idea nonetheless. Setting it up for my blog now :)


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