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Thursday, September 27, 2012

KKCenterHK Review - Gold Peacock Feathers Water Decal

Good morning!

I'm back with some KKCenterHK love! Maggie offered me to review more products so look forward to it. My choice wasn't easy to make as this website carries nail decals, glitter, crakles, glow in the dark, matte polishes, stamping plates, and many more. I have for you the gold peacock feathers water decals, which are suitable to decorate your nails and a good alternative to a design done by hand or stamping. They are 20 of them, well packaged in a zip locked bag  and retail for $6.39. 

1. Cut each image that you want to use
2. Remove the plastic film (very important)
3. Soak your cut image into a glass of water (I used tap water)
4. Slide the design with your finger/tweezer and place it on your nails while it's wet
5. I used a small towel to dry and secure the design, then added my top coat and I was done!

Water nail decals are SO fast and easy to use! I just added the gold peacock feathers over my Saran manicure. I love how shiny and crisp the decal is. So detailed that it caught my best friend's attention. If you find stamping or detailed nail art too complicated, well this is for you. 

Can you see that you get two different feather patterns in the same package

KKCenterHK ships from China. I received my order in less than three weeks which is pretty fast (I am located in West Africa now). If you want to purchase these decals or just browse around the webiste, I have a 10% off discount code for my readers (below). There is a great selection of water decals starting at 2-3$. You can also check KKCenterHK on FacebookKKCenterHK on Twitter, or KKCenterHK Blog for updates on new products and promotions. What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and have a great day!

10% OFF with Coupon Code KARINE
Valid until 01/31/2013 on KKCenterHK

* This product was sent to me for my honest opinion


  1. These look amazing, especially over the colours you've got on! You tempt me sorely. you know that? <3

    1. Lool give it a try you won't regret it! Just browse the water decal section I swear it's going to take you at least one hour to make your choice lol

  2. Gorgeous - I love decals - small, large, whole nails - I don't care - they're fantastic!!!

    1. Oh yes they are! Now I just want to gift my nail stickers away lool

  3. The gold is such a gorgeously perfect accent to your mani colors. I think I need these decals. SO pretty.

    1. thank you Liesl! they are really shiny too

  4. So pretty. I love the base color with this decals, lovely combination:)


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