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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's green day!

Good morning lovelies!
It's a love hate relationship between green and me. It's a color that I have learned to like in clothes but the change on my nails is slowly getting there. I only use to wear dark greens on my nails, but I have a special neon green that got me into having fun with this shade. Sinful Colors Irish Green is the base of this nail art that I complimented with flowers nail stickers and a silver striping tape french. I give 10 out of 10 for the uniqueness of this color to Sinful Colors, but 0 for the formula. It took forever to dry and I still had dents after 4 hours :( Any dupes?

I hope you liked it and Thanks for reading!


  1. Very very gorgeous. i Love the flowers.

    P.S: Your comment on my Naija mani post made me soooo happy. LOL... Hahaha, Omg.. so cool ur bf is Nigerian. And you cook EGusi soup????

    You're forgiven for not doing a Independence day mani, since this is green and was done one day before Independence day. Lol...

    This mani is truly cute though.

    1. haha thanks sha na real 9ja baby be dis! lool I had to adapt and learn the langauge/cooking/culture but it wasnt that difficult because I'm African too (from Cote d'Ivoire)
      Ps: even tho I didnt do a green mani, I still wore white and green :)

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