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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

W7 Metallic Planets collection - Part 2


I finally had the time to swatch part 2 of the W7 Metallic Planets collection that I received  in a swap. The collection is called Metallic Planets and is comprised of 6 duochromes named after 6 planets of the solar system. They come in 15ml bottles shaped like OPI bottles. Today I'm showing you Metallic Venus, Mars, and Saturn. All swatches show two coats of the polish and one coat on the ring finger that has black underneath, topped with the W7 Diamond top coat. Click here to see part 1.

Metallic Venus, Mars, and Saturn

Metallic Venus is a beautiful shimmer that shifts from pink/purple to blue. It is a little bit on the sheer side, so I will go with 3 coats next time or just layer it over black as shown on my ring finger.

Natural light

Metallic Mars is also a shimmer but shifts from gold/copper to pink/plum. This is my favorite of the collection. Also on the sheer side, so you can wear it over black (ring finger) or with 3 coats by itself.

Natural light

Metallic Saturn is the last of this collection. It has the least visible duochrome effect, is still beautiful ! It is an olive gold/ olive green duochrome shimmer. It is very opaque so there is no big difference between wearing it by itself and layering it over black.

Natural light

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  1. Venus is stunning! Looks a bit like Orlys Royal Velvet.

    1. I dont have Royal velvet but I have seen it eyeeing me lool so next time I see it I will get it


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