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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Illamasqua - Scarab


Illasmasqua is new to me and I have to say that I love this brand. I was introduced to Illamasqua and the Sophie Lancaster foundation after reading a blog post on Heather Does Make Up about the Sophie smokey eye technique. I could write an essay on this, so please click here to find out more about Illamasqua's work with the foundation in their fight against intolerance and discrimination in our society.
I'm so proud to own Scarab. I bought it at a local Sephora store for 14$. Scarab is a deep ruby red, with a metallic finish. It also has some coppery shimmer in it. The application was flawless and it dried fast. On to the pics!
All swatches show two coats of Scarab and one coat of Seche vite.

Natural light


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  1. Hi!! This such a pretty polish! The copper shimmer is gorgeous! I don't own any illasmasqua, but i do love to see them swatched. :) Kisses**

    1. thank you Cristina! it's a great fall shade I love it!

  2. Karine, this is such a stunning color! I don't own any Illamasqua either, but after seeing this swatched...*runs out the door*

  3. What a pretty colour! I really want some Illamasqua! x


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