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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Illamasqua - Phallic


Phallic is my second Illasmasqua polish that I bought at a local Sephora store. It is a dark blue base with lots of blue shimmer in it. Another hit for blue polish lovers :-) The application was perfect, opaque in two coats, and with a super shiny finish. Again, not disappointed with the Illasmasque brand. I foresee a mini haul as they added new colors to their collection. What is your favorite Illamasqua polish? Let me know what you think about this one!
All swatches show two coats of Phallic and one coat of Seche vite.

Natural light



  1. Oh goodness this is gorgeous!! I've never tried Illamasqua before (unfortunately the Sephora near me doesn't carry that brand :().

  2. Gorgeous! I need to check this line out. :)

  3. Oh man, this is gorgeous! I love polishes with super tiny shimmers like this! It looks great on you Karine! Oh and did you ever decide on any Zoyas?

    1. This was my first Illamasqua and I still love it! It looks great on you!

    2. Thank you! I still havent decide on the 3 zoyas I want lol I have been googling swatches for 3 days now and still can't choose lol

  4. Super gorgeous color! Love the shimmer!

  5. I love this brand now! I wish they had glitter though... :(

  6. It's a beautiful shade and already on my wishlist.


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