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Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with Dior Rock Coat

Hey lovelies!
I got the Dior Rock Coat a few months ago at Nordstorm but didn't get to play with it until now. It is a sheer black jelly base that comes in a 10ml bottle and is supposed to give an ombre look when applied over a color. I like it but think that you can franken your own easily and cheaper with a couple drops of black polish in a clear base. According to Dior, Rock Coat is "the ultimate smoky topcoat. As a topcoat, its semi-transparent black formula coats varnish with a veil of smoky lacquer, extending wear and increasing shine. Your nail varnish takes on an enigmatic 'rock' look." Well let's see. I layered it over different colors.
All pictures were taken in an artificial light setting without flash.

-One coat of Rock Coat over two coats of Essie Playa Del Platinum, no top coat

- Rock Coat over two coats NYC Love Me Red, no top coat

- Rock coat over Icing Coral (matte), no top coat

- Rock Coat over Icing Lemon (matte), no top coat

- Rock Coat over Monica Jovem Mereje, no top coat



  1. I love this top coat! I have a catrice TC that has the similar effect!

    It looks great over Playa Del Platinum!

    1. Thank you! I like it too it's just that I never know how to be creative with it :)

  2. Hummmm Maybe i'm just getting used to, but i'm not feeling the love lol only for NYC, that was an interisting effect :p **

    1. Lol I see your point but I still like it, I just don't know how to pull it off :(


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