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Friday, April 27, 2012

ASBMF #10: Butterflies - Tutorial (pics heavy)

Good evening!
I have for you a nail art that I did for the April Showers Brings May Flowers challenge, as the ninth theme is butterflies. I thought about doing a stamping over an orange base, but then discovered the monarch butterfly technique while browsing YouTube videos and went for it! This is the final result with one coat of Seche vite. I hope you like it as this might be the best nail art I did so far lol :)
All pictures were taken with artificial light without flash.

I started with two coats of Orly It's Not Rocket Science, a beautiful gold to green glassfleck duochrome.

I then layered one coat of a franken of mine Martian Life, an orange jelly base with orange and gold glitter

I used Kleancolor black nail stripper to draw curved lines 

Following the same direction, I did a diagonal/curved french tip manicure

I linked both horizontal lines with 3-4 vertical side lines

I used a dotting tool to fill in the blanks and have the illusion of *round wings

I used a dotting tool and Black to fill the cuticle line and Kleancolor silver nail art stripper.

I finished my monarch butterfly nail art by adding dots with Sunrise white nail stripper and the help of a dotting tool

Voila! I love it and can't wait to try it again over one of my multichromes!

 Please take a look at the amazing manis done by some of the ladies taking part in this challenge. Thank you for reading!


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