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Monday, August 6, 2012

Ludurana Duochrome collection

Hello lovelies!
This is a quick post to resume the 10 polishes in the Ludurana duochrome collection. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with them. They are all delicate shades with pronounced shimmer when worn by themselves, but radically changes colors over black. They dried fast and are great for all tastes and occasions, I'm glad I got them. I wore two coats of each polish by itself on my index and ring fingers, and one coat over black on my pinkie and middle finger. I would advise to go with 3-4 coats if you wear it by itself. You can snag them for $7.50 each on Ninja Polish or swap with a Brazilian buddy :)
Please click on each polish name to be redirected to an individual post.

Which one is your fav? Thanks for reading!


  1. All of them were beautiful, but I am particularly keen on Turquesa Red! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Very cool! Not as duochrome-y as some of the others out there but still very pretty. It's crazy how different some of them look over black!!

    1. thank you! yes I was surprised too that only one or two were real duo
      maybe the color changing under a black base is what they meant by duochrome lol


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