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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Post by PassionForPolish

It's time for a holo day! I'm happy to introduce to you Melissa from PassionForPolish. I really love her edgy nail looks, and she was the lucky winner of my last giveway, but more I like every nice comment she has. Thank you so much Melissa for your support and taking my blog today :D

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa from PassionForPolish :) First off I have to thank Karine giving me this amazing chance to guest post for her!

As I’m sure you all know Karine has a holo polish collection that could make any nail polish lover green with envy, not to mention the amazing holo frankens she whips up with ease! With all the holo polishes Karine has been showcasing lately I decided to pull out the few measly holographic polishes I have and think up some nail art to do.

First off I used a base coat of Sally Hansen Triple Strong and then one coat of Color Club Fashion Addict. 

Holo Nail Art Mani in Artificial Light

Holo Nail Art Mani in Artificial Light
So for my thumb I decided to try the popular ‘saran wrap’ technique that has been popping up on the blogosphere lately. I grabbed some cling/glad wrap (because that’s what we call it here in Australia :P) and scrunched it up into a ball. Then I placed some Color Club Wild At Heart onto a piece of paper and dabbed my cling wrap ball into it. I then dabbed it all over my nail. 

My thumb was being impossible to photograph >.<

Holo Nail Art Mani in Artificial Light
 My index finger is lines of varying length I drew using nail art brushes. I used Color club Wild At Heart, Color Club Worth The Risqué, Color Club Revvvolution and OPI DS Sapphire.

Holo Nail Art Mani in Artificial Light
Holo Nail Art Mani in Artificial Light
On my middle finger I used a small dotting tool to create dots along the side of my nail also using the above polishes.

Holo Nail Art Mani in the Shade
Holo Nail Art Mani in the Shade
On my ring finger I applied striping tape and then applied a coat of Color Club Revvvolution and then pulled off the tape.

Holo Nail Art Mani in Natural Light
Holo Nail Art Mani in Natural Light
My pinkie finger was done using a cut up make up sponge and sponging on Color Club Wild At Heart on the tip.

Holo Nail Art Mani in Natural Light with my revised pinkie :)
Holo Nail Art Mani in the Shade with my revised pinkie :)
The following morning when I was no longer sleep deprived I realised I hadn’t mixed Color Club Fashion Addict and Color Club Wild At Heart before I sponged them on so the following pictures are of my revised design :)

I topped each nail off with a coat of Revlon Colorstay top coat! Sorry for the picture overload!

I really love the Saran wrap technique and it was my first time trying it and now I can’t stop thinking up combinations! I’m also in love with my striping tape design because the lines turned out so crisp! That didn’t happen the first time I tried it – AT ALL - lol. I like my pinkie nail design after I mixed the two holos and then sponged them on. I really dislike my index finger though because it didn’t turn out at all as I had hoped O.o

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and a huge thank you again to Karine for letting me guest post XD

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