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Friday, March 30, 2012

Noir Désir will be FREE on April 1st !!

Hello lovelies,

Thank you so much for your votes. The poll is closed and Noir Désir won with exactly 20 votes! Following are details of how the sale will take place. Feel free to comment with your questions or drop me an email :-)

APRIL 1ST SALE: Buy TWO polishes and get Noir Désir FREE (The polish you get for free IS the one who won the poll on my blog). Shipping charges will apply on ALL items you order. This sale will be running April 1st from 12:00am to 11:59pm EASTERN TIME. Stay assured that all items that will be sold out will be treated as back-orders :-) Thank you!


  1. Do we need to tick the box for it on the order form or will it automatically be included?

    1. Hello!
      You don't need to tick the box, it will be automatically included. Thanks for pointing that I will add it to the order form :-)

  2. Stupid question but if the sale starts on April 1 do we fill out the order form now or wait until that day? I don't want to miss out on your beautiful polishes so I want to do things right!

    1. Hello! You need to wait until that day :-) I specified on the ordering tab that I am not accepting pre orders,but dont worry, anyone who puts an order on April 1st and buy two polishes will get Noir Desir free. If it is out of stock, I will still treat all orders received April 1st as back orders and you will have your free polish. The sale ends April 2nd. I hope I answered your question ;-0


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