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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Verona - Rainha

Rainha is a magenta crelly from the Brazilian brand Verona that I got in a swap. It comes in a 7.5ml bottle and is pretty easy to work with. My first reaction when I opened the bottle was hum it smells good! It has a fruity scent that is really pleasant, but kind of disappears over time. I had a hard time labeling the finish of this polish so I'm going to ask you too :-) It is not opaque enough to be qualified as a cream or transparent enough to be a jelly. It has a squishy/ syrupy look and some helpful ladies suggested the terms crelly (I like that) or sorbet (which makes me hungry lol). All pictures show two coats of Rainha and one coat of Seche vite. It does look darker in real than in my pictures.

Natural light


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