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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

White polish comparison

Hello again!
We continue the comparison posts series and today I’m going to talk about white polishes. I do a lot of nail art so I use them a lot. If I have to stamp over it or add layers of other colors, my white polish better be opaque in one coat and dry fast. Let’s look at OPI Alpine Snow, Sation Snow White, NYC French White Creme, Sally Hansen White On , and China Glaze Moonlight.
Re bonsoir!
Nous continuons la série comparaison et aujourd'hui, je vais parler de vernis blancs. Je fais beaucoup de nail art donc j' en utilise assez. Si je dois stamper dessus ou ajouter des couches d'autres couleurs, vaut mieux que mon vernis blanc soit opaque en une seule couche et sèche rapidement. Penchons-nous sur OPI Alpine Snow, Sation Snow White, NYC French White Creme, Sally Hansen White On , and China Glaze Moonlight.

- The 1st coat applied nicely on all, even though they were very brushstrokey. The polish with the less brush strokes is OPI Alpine Snow

Formula/ Opacity/ Dry time
All polishes are opaque after the 2nd coat except China Glaze Moonlight, which is very sheer. Sally Hansen White On & NYC French White Creme follow but they are not one coaters. Sation Snow White & OPI Alpine Snow are the most opaque of all and can be opaque in one coat.

OPI Alpine Snow has the most shiny finish. The others are crap with NYC French White Creme being the less shiny

Overall choice
Sation Snow White & OPI Alpine Snow are the best of the bunch. They are one coaters and dry fast. Maybe the fact that Sation is cheaper than OPI will help you decide

What is your favorite white polish? Thanks for reading!
- Tous s'appliquent bien à la 1ère couche, même s'ils font tous des pâtés. Le vernis qui laisse le moins de traces de pinceau est OPI Alpine Snow

Formule/ Opacité/ Temps de séchage
Tous les vernis sont opaques après la 2ème couche sauf China Glaze Moonlight, qui est trop transparent. Sally Hansen White On & NYC French White Creme suivent mais ne sont pas des "one coaters". Sation Snow White & OPI Alpine Snow sont les plus opaques et peuvent couvrir l'ongle en une seule couche.

OPI Alpine Snow a la finition la plus brillante sans top coat. Les autres c'est juste de la merde avec NYC French White Creme qui est le moins brillant de tous

Choix d'ensemble
Sation Snow White & OPI Alpine Snow sont les meilleur du lot. Ils sont opaque en une couche et sèchent rapidement. Peut être que le prix moins élevé de Sation vous fera pencher pour lui plutôt qu'OPI

Quel est votre vernis blanc préféré? Merci de me lire!


  1. I'm using Ulta Snow White, but it's super gloopy and doesn't dry very quickly. I'm gonna need something else soon and am actually really glad you've done this black and white comparison because it really shows you that even though they're all the same, they vary widely between brands. Thanks so much!

  2. Replies
    1. :) I don't disagree with that. I have heard wonders about my boyfriend scale walls (spiderman collection)

  3. My favorite opaque whites are China Glaze Snow White, SinfulColors Snow Me White and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White. My favorite jelly sheer white is Essie Marshmallow. I hear Finger Paints Paper Mach'e is a good opaque white which I plan on purchasing.

    1. I have been looking for sh whirlwind white for ages (stamping matters) but its discontinued :(

  4. I reach for OPI Alpine Snow a lot when I want an optic white...but I also like the optic white from China Glaze Snow White. folks for yrs rave about Essie Marshmallow for a white but maybe I have a bad bottle - mine is way too sheer and needs a zillion coats. I positively have a big old love affair with Orly's Au Champagne - it's not an optic white - it's different than anything else I have - not a peal, not a shimmer and not an optic white but not a pink either - closer to a cream white. I use it a ton. I also like to use OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls because it looks white when I get it on but it's got that case of gray - it does not look chalky on me either..and I so don't like ones that look chalky.

    1. Wow you have so many of them I hate chalky whites too and I think I'm going to invest in MBSW :)


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