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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Subtle stamping with OPI Ds Temptation

Hello lovelies!

I did this mani on one of my friends nails last week, and I loved it so much that I decided to copy it. You know none of my friends knew about my blog and my interest in everything nail related and it was a big mistake of me to think that they would judge my hobby. It was the contrary because they totally love it, especially the nail polish parties.
Bonjour mes beautés!
                                                                               J'ai fait cette manucure sur les ongles d’une de mes amies la semaine dernière, et je l'ai tellement kiffée que j'ai décidé de le refaire pour moi. Vous savez, personne ne savait pour mon blog et mon intérêt pour tout ce qui lié aux ongles et c'était une grosse erreur de ma part de penser qu'ils jugeraient mon hobby. Au contraire mes amies adorent, en particulier les parties de vernis à ongles.

This is two coats of OPI Ds Temptation. It's not the super holographic one, but If you like glitter, you'll enjoy the blue tinted base and multicolored sparks. It's a new year eve kind of party polish. It's so sparkly by its own, I see blue, pink, and purple. It was easy to apply and I added one coat of Seche Vite for extra shine.
Alors on a deux couches de OPI Ds Temptation. Ce n'est pas le super holographique, mais si vous aimez les paillettes, vous allez kiffer la base teintée de bleu et les étincelles multicolores. C’est le genre de vernis qu’on met pour le nouvel an. Il brille tellement, je vois du bleu, rose et violet. Il était facile à appliquer et j'ai ajouté une couche de Seche Vite pour plus de brillance.

What makes this many wonderful is the subtle stamping done with China Glaze Passion and Bundle Monster plate BM310. Enjoy!
Ce qui rend cette manucure géniale est le design subtile fait avec China Glaze Passion et la plaque Bundle Monster BM310. Appréciez!


  1. OMG This is gorgeous! And the stamping over this fabulous polish is pretty! Love this <3

  2. Really beautiful, I love the contrast between the OPI and China Glaze, but still subtle.

    1. thanks a lot! sometimes there's nothing better than subtle stamping :)

  3. I am not sure what I will end up doing with my DS Temptation - I love looking at it but hate to wear it because of the grit surface it has even with a super thick 4-5 coats of the thickest clear topper I have. Yours here looks amazing with the stamping and without. I had to laugh at your saying how many folks you hid your obsession with things polish from. I was the same way, am still to a little extent - not that many get to see my more than 25 plastic tubs of polish in my collection. I just think most would not understand. But then there are so many worse obsessive things one can get into collecting...and I so enjoy my passion with polish!

    1. oh no! I used one coat of Seche vite on it and I have to agree that it was still gritty but after stamping on it I added two more coats of seche vite and it smoothed it, what kind of top coat do you use? And hell yeah I LOOOOOOOOOOVE PAINTING MY NAILS AND CREATING NAIL ART you should be proud of it, to me it's a sane hobby
      at least we're not drinkin it lol


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