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Thursday, April 5, 2012

April showers bring May flowers #1: Spring pastels

I just joined a spring themed manicure challenge. I don't do challenges often because I don't have the time to do all the manis, but I figured it would be a fun way to go through my untrieds! The challenge was created by Hannah from Polished Prisms and consists of 14 easy themes. Day 1 theme is Spring Pastels :-)
You can click here if you want to join the Facebook group and do the challenge with us.

For my mani, I used Panvel Rosa Sereia as a base. It is a pastel pink creme that I received in my swap from Brazil. It comes in an 8ml bottle and takes two thin coats to be opaque. I then layered two diagonal coats of Verona Coco Bambu, a beautiful mint green pastel. I love the result!

Natural light

The icing on the cake is Barry M Hologram 205, a transparent base with hex holographic glitter. I got this baby from one friend in my bday group and wow I love it! All you need is one thin coat and the finish is glossy and smooth, so no need for top coat!

Natural light

Hope you liked it :) See you tomorrow for another K Special Friday!
* I will refer to the challenge as ASBMF (April showers bring May flowers) in my future posts.

Here are some amazing manis done by ladies taking part in the challenge


  1. Love the holo and the diagonal stripe! So cool :)

  2. This is so pretty and I agree with Courtney, it does look like sherbet! I asked to join the group to do the challenge as well! I have never done a challenge before so I'm pretty excited!

    1. Thank you! And see you in the group its going to be fun!

  3. Really pretty. It just reeks springtime. I love the way you took the glitter that spreads light in a clear base and used it in a thin gradient on the tips down just a little. This is my fav way to see glitter now days - even across the entire nail is OK - but I am so done with the look of the heavy opaque glitter nails(toes). It's really looking old - and far too heavy for spring/summer months. I think it will take time for the glitter fanatics to get away from that look - just like the crackle/shatter folks getting rid of their looks using those too. As said, it's dated. We sure did not see the magnetics last once we finally got them here for retail in the US. They are slow movers and folks seem to try one - then that's it. Seems the magnetics only work with a certain range of colors so most of the brands look very similar in hues available. I am looking forward to as you have used glitter, a lighter application.

    Have fun with your challenge - and if you don't have time for some of them, don't stress. It's supposed to be fun for you and your viewers too. I have seen a lot of bloggers just fold of late - too much work - cutting back to 1X a week if that.

  4. I love this mani with and without the glitter! It's cute but not too girly. I did dotting for day 1 of the challenge.


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